Research Studies

WAR works with some of the top providers, institutions and educational facilities in the world. We believe in cooperation between technology, medicine and science to provide a documentable based result for our clients. Research is a critical part of this process and there are several opportunities for the right client.

Lower Back Pain Relief

What-A-Relief Clinics offer published and clinically validated protocols to produce long-term positive outcomes for chronic back pain suffers using the DBC Active Spine Care.
  1. Easy Access at an affordable price for millions of American's who suffer from Lower Back Pain. If you are one of the 87% of American's who do or will suffer from back pain its time to go to WAR against your back pain.

Paid Studies Available

The list will change as demand changes but most opportunities include either a paid or discounted service or you receive a payment for completing the study. For more information call 1-214-A-RELIEF