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With over 31 million American’s suffering with back pain and an estimated 87% of adults will suffer from back pain in their life time you have picked the right industry.

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Back Pain Clinics

Our goal is to provide easy access to those who suffer with back pain, and in order to reach that goal we have set out to open 1600 "points of access" in the next 5 years and you can be part of our WAR STORY!

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Easy Access

Our clinics are designed to take a small footprint. Aproxmitally 400-600 sure feet to support up to 300 members a month.

Convenient Times

Access and convieance are important to todays consumer, that is why we are open late and on the weekends to serve out clients. It only takes 1.5 - 2.5 employees (not including the operator) to run an average clinic suffeccfully.

Documented Results

Over 150,000 documented results worldwide, with our FDA registered technology. Peer Reviewed and published science make this a win-win for all.


Best Treatment here for healthy body.

People Suffering with Back Pain

31 Million

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Will suffer with back pain


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