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What A Relief (WAR) is the leading provider of all natural Back Pain Relief programs in the US, utilizing the DBC or Documentation Based Care technology. Because of our success, many people turn to WAR for advice.As we are not a doctor, we suggest you discuss all treatment plans with your provider. We have put together a list of qualified providers, as well many of these providers also utilize the WAR Platform to help treat their clients. So often times you may see the WAR PLATFORM and a HUCT STEM CELL INJECTION facility in the same location. This is called INTEGRATED PROVIDERS, and many of our platform members are integrated doctors, providers and nurse practitioners.

Many providers have found that leveraging administration, technology, knowledge and workforce they can provide a better solution to their clients. WAR is very happy to be an intergral part of this type of successful program. We believe it is the future of care in the United States and hope to be right in the middle of it for years to come focused on our core goal, "Providing Easy Access to Pain Relief and increasing the quality of life for our clients!".

If you are searching for a Stemm Cell Injection facility feel free to call us for an Integrated Facility near you!

Why does integrated work better?

There are many reasons why using an integrated provider makes sense.

1)BACK PAIN:  If you get stem cell injections in your back, the next thing you will want to do is exercise those it would make sense to start a Spine Restoration Protocol shortly after your injected. The goal is LONG TERM success, and your quality of life may depend on a regiment of focused treatments for your back. So once you get your injections, starting a restorative program makes sense. RESTORE AND REGENERATE are the goals for long-lasting results!

2) ACUTE PAIN: You may want to get stem cell infusions but may have to wait weeks for an appointment or until you can afford the treatment cost. To minimize pain while you wait and integrated provider might use Electrical Medicine on you, which is a type of micro-current designed to match the same frequency in the body, which will provide short-term relief while you wait for a more long term solution.

3) HOLISTIC CARE: many of our platform members provide several types of treatments that can provide you temporary relief until you can get to a long-term protocol.

4) More knowledge is better. Integrated facilities share knowledge with one another in each facility but also share with other facilities and integrated providers worldwide give you access to real-time success protocols and technology.

We want our customers to have a better quality of life!


 "RESTORE / REGENERATE -vs- Medicate / Operate" 

Please give us a call to find an integrated facility near you, or click the FREE CONSULTATION link below to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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